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I. In-House Panama's Faculty Members' Profile

In-House Panama typical instructor meets the following professional criteria:

  • Majored in the teaching of the language s/he teaches,
  • Is a native English speaker or possesses perfect command of English; or,
  • Is a native Spanish speaker,
  • Has several years effectively teaching and making speak a myriad of people in general and professionals in particular,
  • Is student-focussed, shows awareness to cultural diversity, therefore displays a respectful, flexible, and warm demeanour while staying disciplined and demanding.

II. Added Values: (Other than the obvious money and time savings that In-House yields, by making productivity not to slip and not permitting your workforce to skip training based on any of the imaginable pretexts that can be made up).

  • Audio interface practical exercises
  • On-the-job practicum deploying language course content while performing the tasks and duties
  • Academic orientation targeting implementation of specified corrective or re-enforcing sessions for those needing the extra input.
  • From our start of operations, we have gained solid distinction thanks to the effectiveness of our corporate tailor-made training programmes which have allowed us to keep customer satisfaction and teaching standards high.
  • Free-of-charge placement test and communicational profile assessement
  • IN-HOUSE PANAMA EXCLUSIVE: Innovative rotational system of instructors by end of each level which according to neurolinguistics theory speeds up language acquisition by creating stimulus that varying the phonological and dialectal components can produce.


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